Submit a grain sample for grading

  • For any grains regulated by the Canadian Grain Commission.
  • Impartial results provided on a Canadian Grain Commission certificate that you can use when marketing or negotiating fair value for your grain.
  • Grade and quality results apply only to the sample you send in and not to the entire lot of grain from which you take your sample.

Submit a sample

  1. Begin with a representative sample to ensure quality results accurately reflect your grain lot.
  2. Complete a Producer and industry request for inspection services (I-106 or I-107) form, following the instructions on the form.
  3. If you want additional analysis testing, specify which service on the form example:
    • Entomology testing
    • Falling number (wheat only)
    • Vomitoxin (DON) using ELISA
  4. Indicate on the form if you would like to receive your results by email, fax or mail. A Canadian Grain Commission certificate showing your sample’s quality results will be sent to you.
  5. Send your sample by mail or courier. You may also bring your sample to one of our service centres or regional offices.
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