Grain weighing

Weighing services ensure that export shipments of Canadian grain are accurately weighed and that the weighed product is delivered to conveyances as reported on Canadian Grain Commission documentation. Official outward weighing of all grain, excluding shipments to the United States, for export from Canada in ships is mandated by the Canada Grain Act. A Certificate Final is issued on all direct export shipments, except for shipments to the United States. The Canadian Grain Commission investigates cargo complaints against the Certificate Final.

Outward and inward weighing activities are performed according to the Canada Grain Act and Canada Grain Regulations.

Outward weighing

The Canadian Grain Commission provides weighing certification through an oversight program. Official weighing at export involves the weighing of grain under the supervision of a person authorized by the Canadian Grain Commission or in a manner authorized by the Canadian Grain Commission. The Vessel Loading Standard for Official Weighing sets out the requirements and responsibilities of licensed terminal elevators to load direct export vessels to ensure accurate and verifiable weights.

Fees and service standards

Terminal elevators are required to use the following services for direct export shipments.

Inward weighing

Licensed terminal elevators must cause the grain to be weighed upon receipt. If the shipper requests, the grain shall be weighed by a third-party service provider selected by the terminal and authorized by the Canadian Grain Commission.

Measurement accuracy

The Canadian Grain Commission tests, inspects and certifies all bulk weighing systems in licensed terminal elevators to ensure compliance with the Canada Grain Act, Canada Grain Regulations, Weights and Measures Act and Weights and Measures Regulations.


For outward official weighing

  • Contact the manager of weighing services in the regional office nearest you.

For cargo complaints against the Certificate Final

  1. Complete the cargo complaint investigation request
  2. Send the request to