Sending in a grain sample

Transcript - Sending in a grain sample

Transcript - Sending in a grain sample

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Sending in a grain sample to the Harvest Sample Program is an easy way to get a free, unofficial Canadian Grain Commission grade and quality information for your grain.

To send in a grain sample:

  • Visit the Canadian Grain Commission's website for a free Harvest Sample Program kit, with postage-paid envelopes and important instructions.
  • Before you fill the envelope, complete the requested information on the front.
  • Record your 7-digit Canadian Grain Commission sample identification number located below the barcode on the back of the envelope. Disregard the Canada Post barcode on the front. For reporting sample results, we use the barcode identification number on the back.
  • Fill to the line with a representative sample of grain. Overfilling could prevent your envelope from sealing properly.
  • Lift the backing off the flap to seal. This seal will secure your sample, with no need for tape or staples.
  • Mail us your grain sample as soon as possible.
  • In 4 to 6 weeks, access your results using your producer identification number either online, by telephone or by email.

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