Application checklist for licensees


Mode of operations

Before applying for a Canadian Grain Commission licence, you must first complete a mode of operations questionnaire and mail it to the Licensing and Security Unit. Canadian Grain Commission staff will then determine whether or not you should be licensed, and if so, which type of licence you should hold: grain dealer, primary elevator or process elevator. You will be contacted about the Canadian Grain Commission's decision, then you can proceed with your licence application.


Use the following application checklist to make sure you have satisfied licensing requirements. Submit your forms and documentation before sending us your application. Mail in your forms and documentation as they are completed rather than waiting until you collect all the necessary information.

  1. Copies of the following Articles of Incorporation:
    • Letters Patent Incorporating or Articles of Incorporation
    • Include copies of any supplementary:
      • Letters Patent
      • Articles of Continuation
      • Articles of Amalgamation
      • Articles and Amendment
  2. Applications for licences
  3. Cheque payable to Receiver General for Canada for the following licence fees:
  4. One of the following:
    • Bond (CS720) with two signatures and corporate seals
    • Irrevocable Standby Letter of Credit or Guarantee
    • Payables Insurance
    • Cash Deposit
  5. Draft receipts for grain delivered (for review and approval by Licensing staff)
    • Grain receipt
    • Cash purchase ticket or other bill of exchange
    • Combined primary elevator receipt
  6. Copy of scale Device Inspection Certificates issued by Measurement Canada for primary, process and terminal elevators
  7. List of “Agents”
  8. Summary Report of Elevator Tariffs for primary, process or terminal elevators