Canadian Grain Commission
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Strategic outcome and programs

Strategic outcome

All parts of the Canadian Grain Commission work toward one common goal or strategic outcome: Canada's grain is safe, reliable, and marketable and that Canadian grain producers are properly compensated for grain deliveries to licensed companies. This single outcome drives all work done by the Canadian Grain Commission, in every program.


There are 4 programs activities, each representing a different domain of tasks and services offered to the Canadian public and the international community:

1. Quality assurance

This program is concerned with consistent, accurate, and reliable grain quality and grain safety assurance through standardized procedures and monitoring.

  • Inspects grain for export at terminal elevators. Inspection and certification services include determining end-use quality and ensuring grain safety.
  • Continually reviews and adapts all aspects of Canada’s grain quality assurance system to the requirements of grain buyers and Canada’s grain sector.
  • Addresses buyer complaints about grain shipment quality

2. Quantity assurance

This program provides buyers with consistent and reliable grain quantity through a continually-verified system. The Canadian Grain Commission

  • Oversees quantity assurance and the weighing of grain at export by authorized weighing service providers
  • Certifies grain amounts for export

3. Grain quality research

This program supports grain quality and grain safety assurance through testing, monitoring, research, and development. The Canadian Grain Commission

  • Conducts research to understand grain quality and grain safety factors
  • Researches and develops methods and tests for measuring and evaluating grain quality and grain safety
  • Conducts research on grain standards and specifications

4. Producer protection

This program supports fair and equitable producer treatment in the licensed grain handling system. The Canadian Grain Commission

  • Licenses grain elevators and grain dealers
  • Allocates producer cars for producers and producer groups that wish to ship their own grain
  • Offers a system to settle disputes between producers and elevators over assigned grades
  • Protects producers with a payment protection program that compensates producers in the case of non-payment for delivery of grains regulated under the Canada Grain Act.