Industry Services – ISO 9001:2008

Industry Services inspects and weighs Canadian grain for domestic and export markets. It certifies the quality and quantity of Canadian grain for export. It sets and maintains standards of quality for Canadian grain.

Headquarters structure



  • Pam Durston, National Manager


  • Chief Grain Inspector for Canada
    • Gino Castonguay
  • Analytical services
    • Abisola Olubodun, Program Manager
  • Grain sanitation services
    • Blaine Timlick, Stored Products Entomologist
  • National inspector training and development
    • Anthony Rowan, Program Manager
  • National Monitoring
    • Laurie Campbell, Program Manager
  • Quality assurance standards and reinspection
    • Daryl Beswitherick, Manager


  • Operations and projects
    • Curtis Connon, National Manager

Process verification and accreditation

  • Laura Anderson, National Manager


  • Chief of Grain Weighing Services for Canada
    • Brent Andrews
  • Program Manager Technical Services and Employee Development
    • Vacant

Offices and service centres

Regional offices and service centres


For more information about the services available through Industry Services, please contact the Director of Industry Services, Nathan Gerelus.

900-303 Main Street
Winnipeg MB  R3C 3G8 Canada
Telephone: (204) 983-3305
Fax: (204) 983-7550

You may also use the Government Electronic Directory Services (GEDS) to find the contact information for a specific Canadian Grain Commission employee.